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CallieCo Coaching was born from a deep passion to help women awaken to the vast possibilities available to them. Women ready for more. More pleasure, more freedom, more fulfillment, more much more!

CallieCo Coaching is a safe space and sacred container where women can explore and discover their inner nature, deep wisdom and free spirited wild hearts. Building a foundation for lasting change.

Callie Roush is the owner and creatrix of CallieCo Coaching LLC. A coaching, consulting and mentoring service for wild hearted awakening women and solopreneurs.

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Awakening Women
It's Time to Reclaim Your Wild Nature!

CallieCo Coaching offers a variety of services and programs to unleash the wild hearts of Women and female solopreneurs. CallieCo Coaching welcomes all women, including our trans sisters.

Awakening Woman

An Awakening Woman is a woman who has gone to battle with her own shadows, traumas, and fears and has survived to tell the tale. She knows deep in her heart that life offers far more possibilities than she has allowed herself to explore...until now.

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Awakening Solopreneur

She is the creatrix of her business, her life, and her world. She is the creative, multi-talented alchemist of her own future. She does it all by herself everyday. The visioning, the planning, the hustling...she alone takes each and every step necessary to breath life into her business. To make reality out of her dreams.

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Raves & Reviews

CallieCo Coaching has been blessed to work with amazing women! Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience.

I am loving this coaching journey and am excited to continue this work. Callie’s confidence and patience reminds me that this is my marathon, and it's okay to take my time. I'm not going to miss anything, it's all right there for me.​​

Brenda L.


Callie has given me so many blessings. Unexpected, true personal growth. It's like she reached into my head and turned on the light.

Sar L.


It's like Yoga for my brain!

M. Wolf


"This world desperately needs the talents of soulful and successful women like you. Women ready to stand in their power and lead with soulful grace, passion, and creativity. Success seekers creating greatness wherever they go. Building a just, inclusive, compassionate and beautiful world all around them." ​
~ Callie Roush, Your Soul Focused Coach